Here you can find some of my older tutorials and content on Blender related things. They’re pretty out of date now as far as Blender versions are concerned, but I’m sure there’s still something to be learned from them.


Mini-tutorials/ Tips



Add Ons

My old add-ons for Blender. All of which are pretty out of date and probably dont work any more.


Randomiser is an add-on for manipulating text and object data with blender. You can use it to cycle an objects data through multiple different meshes for example, or to create a whole variety of effects with text objects, such as a scrolling ticker readout, a typewriter effect, and random, noisy text.


You can find Randomiser on GitHub.


MultiQuicktime is a Blender add-on that lets you export multiple quicktime files from within blender’s interface. It uses qt_tools for encoding videos, along with FFMPEG for some other more specific tasks. If I ever get around to it I might look at shifting the whole add-on over to using FFMPEG in order to make it more cross-platform. For now I assume it only works on OSX.

Original Blog Post


You can find MultiQuicktime on GitHub.