Sculpting Brushes for Blender 2.5

I’ve been trying to replicate some of the brushes I’ve been using a lot in zbrush in blender, in particular the rake brush, which I find very useful. Here are three brushes as well as some extra alphas to try with them (or whichever other sculpting app you use).

Included are:

  • A rake brush, great for refining forms (see for examples).
  • A rasp brush, basically a textured scrape brush that removes material and adds a fine texture to the surface.
  • A slash brush that scrapes wrinkles/scratches into the surface. Use it softly to create a base for wrinkles, or scrape harder to Create rough, rocky surfaces.

You can download the brushes from

And here are some rake alphas I made:

7 responses to “Sculpting Brushes for Blender 2.5

  1. Wow your models are great! Do you do all your modeling in blender?

    I’m looking for a good rendering tutorial for blender 2.6 or so. if you know of one point me to the right one.

    • I do all my modeling in blender. Sculpting I split between blender and zbrush, depending on the task at hand.

      Try for rendering tutorials, I’m sure they’ll have something for you, maybe even one of mine!

  2. Appending them isn’t working, I can’t find any videos on the matter, and every time I search, I get the same thing and NONE OF IT IS WORKING.

    Can someone please make a video explaining how to import custom brushes for sculpting?

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