Abandoned Power Station

Hmm, maybe it was a power station, maybe a factory or a warehouse. All we know now is it’s falling apart. A project I began a long time ago, which has been gathering dust on my hard drive, so I thought I’d post it up. At some point in the future I might resurrect it in its originally intended animated form, but for now here are some stills.

All the modelling was done in blender 2.49, with some sculpting and texturing in blender 2.5. Most of the texturing was done in GIMP, with a whole bunch of textures from CGTextures.com. Rendering was done in V-Ray, thanks to Andrey Izrantsev’s fantastic blender 2.49Β to vray exporter (though the newer 2.5 version is even better). Compositing was done in blender 2.5.

Click images for full size (1920×1080) versions.

Alternatively if you want to see them all nice and large you can view them on flickr.

Some blender screenshots for those interested:

11 responses to “Abandoned Power Station

  1. Great work, love it. You might work on the normalmaps and make the bloom from the window and the DOF a bit less prominent and it would be even greater. Keep it up πŸ™‚

  2. now THIS should be submitted for use on the call for Screenshots! awesome detail.. I really love the overall feel of the environment. Well done… you should really put this on Blenderartists.org in finished works.

  3. Dude awesome! amazing texture job! The blender screenshots really show how you (intelligently) didn’t go overboard with polys but instead got incredible detail with the textures. Out of curiosity, did you use some from a site like cg textures, or go a different route?

  4. Blood fantastic work mate- stunning attention to detail and SO much to see! Eye candy at its best πŸ˜€

    How much time did this take? What was your original idea with this scene?

    • Light cache and irradiance map, though for some I only did irradiance. Mainly though I used both, along with vray sun lighting combined with some extra lamps.

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