Rabbit Character Rig Demo

I posted this on the Gecko Animation Blog a couple of months ago, but I thought I’d re-post it here too for those that might have missed it. For the Project Gooseberry crowd funding campaign we worked on a small section of the teaser. Jonathan Ball of Poked Studio designed and built the Rabbit character and his environment. I rigged him and helped out with the compositing and lighting, and Chris Burton of ICEBOX Studios did the animation. You can find his post on animating the rabbit here. The video above covers the rigging for the rabbit, and in particular his eyes, which have a nifty cartoon rig with tweak controls and shape keys for the pupil shapes. You can find the rig and all the other files used to create our part of the teaser on the Blender Cloud, available to download when you subscribe and support the Blender Foundation.

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