Timelapse Theatre

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2022 Update: Timelapse theatre is no longer live.

TimelapseTheatre.com is a recent side project of ours at Gecko Animation. @Laxy is a talented photographer and has spent much of this winter freezing his arse off at various locations around London and further afield in England, and has produced a fantastic collection of time-lapse footage. Meanwhile I’ve been working on the back end for processing all of the clips (using blender of course), allowing us to produce high-quality videos in a variety of formats. Jack McConnell of Voltronik has done a terrific job on the site design.

At TimelapseTheatre.com you will find:

  • A wide (and expanding) range of time-lapse clips, all super-high quality, available for purchase.
  • Resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160).
  • A variety of frame rates to suit your region (PAL, NTFS, and even silky smooth 60 FPS).

We’re very proud of what we’ve got to offer, so please go take a look!

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