Things have been pretty quiet around here recently, as my new position at Gecko Animation has been pretty demanding of my time. Hopefully I’ll be able to show off some of our work sometime soon, but in the meantime I wanted to keep the blog alive with something. Since I haven’t got anything of my own to post I thought I’d put up some links to some arty folks/stuff I think are awesome. Thankyou to those of you who take the time to read my site regularly enough to wonder whether I’m still around. Enjoy!

Benoit Paille (photographer)

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My favourite photographer, I love the amount of texture and colour he brings out in his portraits, and the beautiful simplicity of his work. He does some fantastic post-processing to bring out such amazing colours from his photos and whenever I’m working on a character render I look to his work for inspiration. The best places to ogle his work (depending on how you like to follow people) are DeviantArt and Flickr. You can also follow him on twitter.

James Gurney - Artist

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James Gurney is the fantastic painter behind the Dinotopia Books, who also writes about art in books and on his blog - Gurney Jouney. His blog in particular is a favourite of mine, as it combines some fantastic tips on art theory and various bits of Gurney’s work with a frankly inhuman frequency of updates. His watercolour sketches are always a joy to look at.

Selwy - Sculptor

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One of my favourite sculptors, and one who often posts some great resources on his site. In particular I recommend you check out his post and time-lapse video for his sculpt titled “Disunion” (pictured). It’s a fantastic thing to watch. he also has a great skull you can download from the downloads page of his site.

McBess (Illustrator)

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Look at his drawings. LOOK AT THEM. He has a blog and stuff that you should read.

Aaron Diaz (Author, Dresden Codak)

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Aside from producing my favourite (through until lately frustratingly slow to update) webcomic, Dresden Codak, Diaz also writes a fantastic blog on comic book art theory and character design that is always a great read. His superhero redesigns in particular shine out as an example of genuinely well thought out character design. Well worth a read.


Milad (Jan 05, 2012)

Mcbess is god, I’ll tell you that.

Bonjour Tristesse (Jan 19, 2012)

Wow, that octopus leg sculpture is amazing. Creepy but amazing.

Theartofabthomas (Dec 28, 2011)

dresdan codak is awesome! good post :)

Reynante Martinez (Dec 29, 2011)

Thanks for the share, Ben. :)


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