Assembly: Life in Macrospace

Done for Gecko Animation Ltd, which I am now a part of!

A short experimental piece featuring a blend of Macro Photography and CG Animation. It started with an idea from David Parvin, of  Two Rivers Partnership, involving abstract forms and macro photography. With the footage shot, Jonathan Lax and myself worked on constructing a narrative from the forms we saw by combining CG elements with the original footage.

The CG elements were all done in blender (though some of the fluid sim stuff was done with RealFlow) and rendered in BI. Lots of animated node materials for the shifting surfaces and displacements.

Director of Photography – David Parvin
Live Action Shoot – David Parvin, Jonathan Lax, Tobin Brett
CG Animation and Effects – Ben Simonds, Jonathan Lax
Editing – Jonathan Lax
Music and Sound FX – Alistair Lax

9 responses to “Assembly: Life in Macrospace

    • It’s not exactly straightforward! Some stuff doesn’t even show up in the dopesheet when you key it. Just got to hack away at it.

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