I created a couple of base meshes recently to give me something to start with when sculpting heads and bodies. I thought I’d make them avaliable. I’ve also included a GLSL matcap material I created that works quite well for sculpting. You’re free to use them for whatever you want. If you just want the matcap you can download the image directly to use in whatever application you prefer. Here’s a sculpt I made with the bust basemesh:

Download Basemeshes (zipped .blend format, at

Download Basemeshes (zipped .obj format)

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

14 responses to “Basemeshes

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  2. Very nice, thanks for sharing these. I’ve been trying some different one’s on Will give these a try. You could always upload these to Blendswap too. wink..wink By the way love watching your work it’s very inspirational and has really driven my excitement for learning sculpting for myself. Thanks again.

    • I did the hair with zbrushes zpheres tools, but you could do the same thing by retopologising the general shape of the hair over the skull and then sculpting.

  3. Thanks for the model!
    There is something puzzling. When I edit the model in Edit Mode it always stays symmetrical even though there is not mirror modifier or any symmetry I can identify. How are you doing this? 🙂

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