Anatomy Practice

I’ve started doing some anatomy practice based on the idea outlined at the Art of Anatomy forums, to try and improve my anatomy knowledge. The aim is to study each part of the body piece by piece, and I’ve started with the feet.

Exercise One: Ref hunt and label anatomical landmarks.

Exercise Two: Draw from reference.

Exercise Three: Draw from memory.

Exercise Four: Sculpt

11 responses to “Anatomy Practice

    • Thanks. I just posed it in zbrush actually, with the transpose tool. That way I could sculpt in some creases too.

  1. Fantastic work Ben!

    Very interesting practice, and great reference material you’ve created. 🙂

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  3. Hello. I apologize for my English. What video card do you use on your computer to work with blender? I pick up the video card for my workstation and I want the best results in the mode of sculpting.

    • Blender isn’t really to graphics card heavy. I use a GeForce 9800 1GB card at the moment. For sculpting (as with most other aspects of blender RAM is really the most usefull thing to have a lot of.

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