Shapekey/Face Rigging Tests – “Michelle”

Testing out the rig and shapekeys for a face I made.

Originally sculpted in zbrush, retopologised and rigged in blender.

Original Sculpt:

Retopology in blender:

11 responses to “Shapekey/Face Rigging Tests – “Michelle”

  1. Wow, this is very cool !
    How long did you spend for creating and setting up all these shape keys.

    This looks like an insane amount of work 🙂

    How many shape keys are used in this rig ?

    • It took a couple of days, though she isn’t finshed yet. She has 48 shapekeys so far, though some are simply mirror duplicates of one another.

  2. Very clever and minimal yet very effective rig, Ben! This is simply genius. It’s just so nice to see those shape keys in action and in unison.

    Really hoping to see some dialogue shots. Great great work, Ben! 😉


  3. great stuff. idiot question, that frame with all the sliders in the upper right corner, where is that or did you create that?

    • I made it using boneshapes. I just made it as a mesh and then assigned it as a shape for the master bone that all the sliders get parented to.

  4. Very impressive! Quick question for you on your workflow from Zbrush to Blender. I see you retopo in Blender. Could this also be accomplished w/ a Sculptris and Blender combo? If your not familiar w/ Sculptirs, can you give a brief sentence or 2 on you method? Thanks for displaying your work

    • Yeah it would work with sculptris as well. I do bake some maps with ZB, but you can do it in blender too. I basically just import a mid-res obj to do the retopo, and then if you want to bake maps too then import a high res obj to bake from (as high as you can handle in blender on your machine).

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