Blender Conference Day Three/Blender Institute Open Day

Highlights of day three:

Pablo’s talk on compositing in sintel. Including some great tips on editing linked data with the python console, just type “bpy.” then hit ctrl-space to give auto complete hints to tunnel down through all the available data types to what you want to change. You can apparently edit almost anything this way, including data from linked libraries.

More from the Durian animators on animating sintel. Jeremy Davidson produced a great short take-off animation for the big dragon from Sintel in a really short space of time.

Andy Goralczyk and David Revoy did a great short collaboration, Andy modelled and rendered some basic forms with blender and David did a great paintover on top.

Oliver Amrein and Pablo talked about the great models and animation they produced for watchmaker CVSTOS, with some really cool mechanical details.

Bassam Kurdalis’ demo of the rigging for tube, as well as the LOD scripts they have been working on for keeping the poly counts of their scenes manageable.

Plus on Monday we got a tour of the Blender Institute:

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