Sculpting Brushes for Blender 2.5

I’ve been trying to replicate some of the brushes I’ve been using a lot in zbrush in blender, in particular the rake brush, which I find very useful. Here are three brushes as well as some extra alphas to try with them (or whichever other sculpting app you use).

Included are:

  • A rake brush, great for refining forms (see for examples).
  • A rasp brush, basically a textured scrape brush that removes material and adds a fine texture to the surface.
  • A slash brush that scrapes wrinkles/scratches into the surface. Use it softly to create a base for wrinkles, or scrape harder to Create rough, rocky surfaces.

You can download the brushes from

And here are some rake alphas I made:

6 responses to “Sculpting Brushes for Blender 2.5

  1. Wow your models are great! Do you do all your modeling in blender?

    I’m looking for a good rendering tutorial for blender 2.6 or so. if you know of one point me to the right one.

    • I do all my modeling in blender. Sculpting I split between blender and zbrush, depending on the task at hand.

      Try for rendering tutorials, I’m sure they’ll have something for you, maybe even one of mine!

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