With the number of posts on my blog growing, I thought it might be useful to add a page where you can find the more popular tutorials and resources I’ve posted in the past. The following is just that.


Mini-tutorials/ Tips



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  2. Hi my name is gerardo and I manage some web pages here in mexico reacently I bought the program but sencerely its to hard and to be a great artist as yoyu I need to learn do you know if there are toutoriales in video to learn from them beacouse there was none in the box when I bought it in dallas tx but its going to be a while for me to reaturn to U.S.A I really need this could you please help me with some video this is a another page that I handeld http://www.bateriasamitaddeprecio.com its all standard stuff but i want to be and artist to be better in life for my famaly if I learn this I know I will do better
    thank you for reading this
    yours truly

    • Hmm. I really hope you didn’t pay money for blender, it’s free!

      It’s all about practice really. Tutorials and such help but really trying to realise your own ideas is the best way to get better. Try hanging out on BlenderArtists.org, or go to BlenderCookie.com or BlenderGuru.com for some great tutorials.

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  4. Hi Ben,
    I followed your SSS tutorial and really like what I can do with it. It been a learning experience to get the settings correct for my project and to learn to make the maps work correctly together. One problem I can not solve and am hoping you can give a bit of direction on is dark eye makeup. Placed on the diffusion map, it works to pass the underlying red thru and does not look like eyeshadow. To make a separate map (white background and makeup) set to multiply loses all the SSS. I tried to get help on Blenderartist but no one has found a solution. Is there any way you would be so kind as to explain how to add eye makeup like what is shown at the bottom of this makeup tutorial page? http://www.temptalia.com/tutorial-black-smokey-eye

    • I would do the same as you and place it on the diffuse material, or just mix in a separate shader after the diffuse. Instead of using a white background for the texture, try using a transparent texture, and blend it in according to it’s alpha value.

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