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  1. Hey Ben,
    Great Work!
    Pretty well detailed models.. realy good
    Since when do you work with blender ?(sorry for my bad english..)

  2. Hi Ben,

    you did a great work with the pirate and the 19th century guy with letter. Got one question about. Are these textures final renders, or did you help with Gimp afterwards. And, how much poly’s did you use for the “Guy with letter”?

    • Both of these were done almost entirely in blender – as per the rules of the competition, though they used the compositor a lot for post production. The only thing done in gimp were the textures of course, and adding stamps to the final render with my name and copyright information etc. on. Polycounts were pretty high, probably in the hundreds of thousands for both, if not up into the millions for the pirate which had more sculpted detail.

  3. Mr. Ben,
    To be candid, you’ve got everything i need in 3D, and i have a big program i would like to use in 3D animation movies. I’m very far from modeling and textured and i really don’t know the kind of help i need. But i need screen shot tut with step by step how to model a portrait with hair like you model that Pirate Captain.

    Mr. Ben, i’m not a pro in 3D and besides i’m learning by myself and i would love to peddle my little probs to you but i don’t know if you’ll have enough time to help me out. Please if i could find favor from you, kindly let me know so that i will send you my difficulties in using 3D blender.
    Thanks a lot

    • Try hanging out on the forums. Lots of helpful people there. It’s how I got started.

    • Camera setup is pretty simple. Just an ortho camera rotated 45 degrees to the global z axis and tilted down to give the isometric effect (I cant remember the exact angle downwards but it’s easy to see when you’ve got it as all the lines fall into alignment in that isometric sort of way).

  4. Hey, Ben!
    Your works are amazing!
    How much time did you spend to do so life pirate? Will you try to animate your models?
    P.S. Sorry for my english.
    Thank you!

    • I think I worked on the pirate on and off for a month or so. I do the odd anmation test from time to time too.

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