Here you can find my current add-ons for blender.


Randomiser is an add-on for manipulating text and object data with blender. You can use it to cycle an objects data through multiple different meshes for example, or to create a whole variety of effects with text objects, such as a scrolling ticker readout, a typewriter effect, and random, noisy text.


Original Blog Post Demo Video Tutorial Video


You can find Randomiser on GitHub.


MultiQuicktime is  a Blender add-on that lets you export multiple quicktime files from within blender’s interface. It uses qt_tools for encoding videos, along with FFMPEG for some other more specific tasks. If I ever get around to it I might look at shifting the whole add-on over to using FFMPEG in order to make it more cross-platform. For now I assume it only works on OSX.


Original Blog Post


You can find MultiQuicktime on GitHub.

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  1. I was wondering if you guys are still accepting guest post on your site. Please let me know if i can post my blog on your site. Topic would be Rotoscopy Animation and i think its blog-worthy.

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